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Towards…A Quality Life

Founded in 1992, Health Care International (HCI) offers a variety of health maintenance programs and organizational development & consultancy services to improve your quality of life. Striving to be the best Middle Eastern Institution in health care, we make an effort to only contract with those who offer services that meet international criteria. Improving the quality of healthcare available to you and the community so you can have a quality life is our concern.

HCI has two core competencies to ensure the best quality of health care is being offered:

Health Maintenance Program: HCI’s mission is not only to provide medical treatment but also to protect its clients from the hazards of diseases and their complications. HCI adopts Health Maintenance and Health Promotion Programs based on new scientific approaches. To meet a variety of clients’ needs, HCI provides programs for Groups, Students, Tourists, Families, and Individuals.

Organizational Development & Consultancy Services: To assess and improve the quality of managerial, technical, and clinical services provided in hospitals, medical institutions, and other organizations, HCI has worked as a consultant and collaborated with the WHO, USAID, WB, EC, UNDCCP, UNESCO, UNFPA, and the governments of the Netherlands and Finland to lead various national development initiatives and interventions to improve the quality of healthcare in Egypt and the Middle East. HCI has worked as a consultant with companies such as Danas Gas Egypt, British Petroleum, Mobinil, and Citadel to manage Corporate Social Responsibility Programs within the healthcare and educational sectors.

Always looking to improve and expand the services and quality of healthcare, HCI is developing new competencies to meet the changing and growing demands within the sector at international standards:

Elderly Community-Resort: Similar to that of a retirement community, the vision is to provide a community in which an elderly person can reside that offers social, psychological, religious, cultural, and entertainment services in addition to health promotion as well as health care services.

Nursing & Medical Home Care and Doctor on Phone Service: Skills for professional health care and nursing services offered within a home is lacking in Egypt. HCI recognizes that families should to be able to hire affordable, professional, and quality health care for their family member.

Technicians & Paramedics College: With technology always changing and improving, there is a vast demand for those who are qualified to operate the equipment with expertise. To continue to improve the quality of health care being provided in Egypt and the Middle East, there must be students that graduate as medical assistants and technicians aiming at covering the needs & expectations of hospitals, laboratories, and radiology centers.

Health Club: Health Clubs are a growing quickly in popularity worldwide and quality health clubs are lacking in Egypt. HCI’s vision is to offer a health club where a person can not only maintain their health and fitness, but do so while focusing on natural, alternative, and complementary medicine that is on par with other international health clubs.

Equipping & Maintenance of Health Facilities: Currently most equipment and building maintenance at health care facilities are contracted to the facility owners, creating a very wide base of knowledge expertise and capital needed. In order for these facilities to obtain the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and accuracy of services provided, there must be a company that can specialize in this field.

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